A Smarter Way to Build Your Team

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Tyler Kastelberg
Founder & CEO
Published on
September 15, 2019
What is Bullpen?

Bullpen connects expert commercial real estate freelancers with top companies who value time and efficiency.

Like a staffing agency?

Not really. Bullpen leverages its web platform to connect users for part-time or project-based work. Unlike a staffing agency, users have the option of hiring for one-off projects or consistent team support.

Hire analysts on an hourly, monthly, or fixed-fee contract. Pay for what you need - no long term commitments.

Can anyone use Bullpen?

Yes and no. Bullpen is designed for the commercial real estate community. Anybody can sign-up to access real estate's best independent talent. However, freelancers must be qualified through an application process before joining our talent network.

How much is does it cost?

Freelancers set their own rates. Currently, hourly rates range from $50 to $200+ per hour, depending on the level of talent your job requires.

How does Bullpen work?

For companies,

  1. One of our talent managers will work with you to determine the type of expert you need and for how long.
  2. We'll handpick the perfect freelancer for your role and coordinate an introduction, typically within 48 hours.
  3. We'll check-in regularly with both you and your freelancer to keep everyone accountable.

All of Bullpen's freelancers are US-based and have prior real estate experience with top firms.

Why would I use Bullpen?

The real estate business is transactional. When there are deals, the need for a team can be massive. During slow periods, headcount can be a big risk to the business. This variability causes tension when hiring full-time.

Bullpen is perfect for real estate professionals who need quality, flexible support in their business.

What can the freelancers on Bullpen do?

Companies commonly ask for financial modeling, due diligence, market research, asset management, and deal memo support. However, Bullpen's freelancers support a wide variety of commercial real estate tasks.

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