Ultimate Guide to Hiring Commercial Real Estate Experts

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Published on
October 28, 2022

"A" player talent can add tremendous efficiency, effectiveness and growth to your team, but finding these high-performing candidates takes careful effort and clear planning.

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In this playbook, we share the four core steps you'll need to take to source top-tier commercial real estate talent: 

1. Prep your organization for the hire

Before you can onboard a top-tier employee, you need to ensure that your team is organized, effective, and welcoming.

2. Source talent in a way that works for you

DIY or outsource? Industry job boards or freelancers? All of these options have ideal use cases.

3. Identify "A" player candidates during the interview

How do you tell when you have an "A" player across the interview table?

4. "Close the sale" and convert "A" player candidates into employees

Finding great talent is only part of the process. You also need to convince your candidate to accept your offer.

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