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Asset Manager

Driving value at the property level on behalf of owners.

  • Managing budgets, capital improvements, and leasing

  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting

  • Property management check-ins

  • Setting goals and strategies for individual assets

  • Lots more…

Corporate Retail

Identifying new space and managing leases for retailers. 

  • Site selection

  • Space negotiations

  • Lease management

  • Coordinating acquisitions, leasing, and dispositions

  • Lots more…

Development/Construction Manager

Delivering well-planned and well-built properties from planning through completion.

  • Project research and planning

  • Schedule and budget management

  • Debt compliance

  • Manage subcontractors and draw requests

  • Lots more…

Financial Analyst

Analyzing commercial real estate opportunities and managing the deal pipeline.

  • Financial modeling

  • Distribution waterfalls

  • Debt sizing

  • Investment analysis and capital expenditure assessments

  • Lots more…

Investor Relations

Supporting real estate fundraising and ongoing investor requirements.

  • Offering memorandums

  • Quarterly investor report preparation

  • Distribution management

  • Investor communication and correspondence

  • Lots more…

Lease Administrator

Managing leases and related documents for owners.

  • Lease abstracts

  • Manage renewals and fees

  • Lease administration

  • CAM reconciliations

  • Lots more…


Designing and producing marketing materials and sales collateral. 

  • Firm and property-level branding

  • Copywriting

  • Email, digital, print, and social media

  • Client-facing documents

  • Lots more…

Market Researcher

Tracking markets, demographics, trends, and competitors.

  • Demographic research, GIS reports, and demand evaluation

  • Tracking trends, new inventory, finishes and amenities

  • Sales and rental comp analysis

  • Macroeconomic and microeconomic trends

  • Lots more…

Property Accountant

Accounting, reporting, and financial management of assets and portfolios. 

  • Property accounting

  • Fund accounting

  • Managerial accounting

  • Internal auditing

  • Lots more…


Analyzing loan requests for banks and non-bank lenders. 

  • Real estate

  • Tax credit

  • C&I

  • Equipment

  • Lots more…

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Located in the U.S.


Excellent communication skills

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Marina Gitas

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