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Freelancer Requirements


Minimum 2 years of real estate experience


Displayed proficiency in commercial real estate


Located in the U.S.


Excellent communication skills

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Success stories

"Bullpen has provided me access to quality work opportunities like no other platform! I now have ongoing contracts, with great clients that continue to come back for additional work and others that are ongoing long term contracts.  My full time freelancing career has flourished through the work and collaborations I've had through Bullpen.  I've been exposed to jobs across the country from LA to Upstate NY."
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Marina Gitas

Senior Development Analyst

"A few things really stand out working with Bullpen. First off, they pre-vet employers and handpick experts that fit, making the process way easier for me. Second, there’s the human factor. The team is available as a resource, as real people, if I ever need help on anything. And finally, the web app makes it easy to log hours, track activity, and get tax forms on time."
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Alanna Wojciechowski

Investor Relations Manager

"Bullpen matches me with the right gigs and makes finding work easy. Unlike other freelance platforms I've tried, Bullpen provides quality assignments and I don't have to bid down below my value to win a proposal."
Stephanie Loiacono Headshot

Stephanie Loiacono


"What works so well with Bullpen is that they take out the most difficult parts of the process: finding new clients, ensuring fit, understanding billing, tracking hours, and all the administrative stuff that comes along with that. Working with Bullpen solves the pain points, allowing me to focus on being the expert on financial modeling, deal structure, and capital raising, and ultimately deliver greater value to my clients."
Bernard Clevens Headshot

Bernard Clevens

Development Associate

“Bullpen has been catalytic for my freelance career. I like to work with firms seeking recurring assistance as they scale up their operations. I currently work with several high quality and growth oriented clients thanks to Bullpen's platform.”
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Colson Castilla

Acquisitions Analyst

"The Bullpen team has done a really good job matching me with vetted opportunities that are highly relevant to my background and preferences both in terms of type of work and culture. They’re there from beginning to end, sharing resources ahead of time, keeping me updated throughout the process, and then following up to make sure the engagement was a good fit, to make each engagement better and better."
Dennis Wmosi Headshot

Dennis Wmosi

Acquisitions Associate

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