Tips for your talent interview

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Tyler Kastelberg
Founder & CEO
Published on
February 16, 2022

You've made it to the interview stage! At this point, our Talent team has already vetted your candidate for their background and soft skills. Now, it is your turn to confirm they have the skills and personality to mesh well with your team.

I've listed a few interview tips below, followed by a few questions that we've found to be helpful.

Review your candidate's LinkedIn profile and Talent Manger summary before the interview

You should have received your candidate's LinkedIn profile and a summary of why we believe they're a great fit from your talent manager. Be sure to review this before the zoom interview.

Treat the professional with respect

The best freelancers typically have multiple work options. Be on time for the call and stay attentive. After the interview, be ready to make a decision on the hire within a couple of days.

Ask thoughtful questions

Good questions make your candidate feel like you're serious about this hire. Use the candidate's LinkedIn profile and talent manager summary to formulate a few questions ahead of the call. Feel free to use the questions in this article if you're stuck.

Talk about your team rhythms

When you hire from Bullpen, you get a team member, not an outsourced workhorse. During the interview, plan to share what it's like to work at your company as a remote employee. When are your team calls? How do you prefer to communicate?


This one is cheesy, but people like to work with people who they like. Make sure your camera is on, and show your personality.

Interview Questions

I've included a few common interview questions that we found create meaningful conversations. Feel free to pick and choose for your zoom interview.

  1. Describe your experience working on [important part of your job].
  2. How many hours per week can you dedicate to supporting our team? When are those hours (workday, after hours, weekend)?
  3. Hypothetically, what would be your turnaround time for [your deliverable], assuming our firm provides you [x, y, and z resources]?
  4. Why do you freelance?
  5. What communication rhythms and processes do you find most efficient when working with clients like us?
  6. Is any part of this job intimidating or unclear?
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