Frequently Asked Questions

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Tyler Kastelberg
Founder & CEO
Published on
August 5, 2022
What type of companies do you work with?

We typically work with commercial real estate investment, development, capital markets, brokerage, and corporate teams. Some of our clients are small, one-person firms. Others are multinational companies with thousands of employees.

Why do companies hire consultants?

Freelancers can flexibly support a variety of work needs. We've listed a few of our common use cases below:

  1. Your team needs an extra set of hands or special expertise on a project
  2. You've had unexpected turnover and need to backfill a role quickly
  3. One of your team members takes leave, and you need a temporary backfill
  4. You need help from time to time but don't have the budget to hire a full-time employee
What type of roles can you help me fill?
Where are the professionals on Bullpen located?

100% in the USA

Do your professionals have full-time jobs?

Yes and no. Our network has both full-time freelancers and professionals who work on nights and weekends around their full-time job.

Do you have a minimum hiring requirement.

We offer three hiring options: hourly, part-time, or full-time. When hiring hourly, we ask that you put down a retainer for the first 40 hours of work with your freelancer.

Can you help me find a part-time or full-time contractor?

Yes! We commonly help companies fill part-time and full-time contract positions.

How much does it cost to hire a consultant on Bullpen?

Your consultant's hourly rate will vary greatly on the type of skills and experience required to support your work need. Complete this form and schedule a time to speak with an account manager for detailed pricing.

Can I ask my consultant to work in-office?

Yes. We support both in-office and remote consultants. However, you'll have more interest from consultants if you're ok with remote work.

Can you help me hire a full-time, W2 employee?

Yes! Our recruiters have experience in corporate talent acquisition with some of the top commercial real estate companies in the US.

Can I hire my consultant in the future?

Yes, you can hire your freelancer at no cost after working with them for 12 months through Bullpen. Before then, we charge a $25,000 placement fee.

How do I know how many hours my professional has worked in a month?

At the start of each month, you'll receive an email detailing the prior month's billing. Additionally, you can ask your freelancer or account manager for the current outstanding billing.

How do you vet consultants?

Consultants complete a three-step vetting process before they are recommended for your role.

Background Assessment

We score all candidates on their work experience, education, and presentation to make sure they both have relevant experience and are polished.


All candidates must complete an interview with our talent team to verify their technical and soft skills. For technical roles, candidates are required to complete a case study to prove their competency.

Role Review

Before we recommend a consultant for your role, we conduct a thorough assessment of their skills and sample work to make sure they are qualified to support your need.

Additionally, we curate our talent network based on client feedback. Only the best consultants win multiple projects.

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