Case Study: WHSE Partners

WHSE Partners started a new development venture and needed an excel savvy team member. When the need arose to create KPIs from a mountain of portfolio data, the WHSE Team didn’t have time to spend hours in excel. They needed an analyst but didn’t have enough work to occupy a full-time hire.  Additionally, it was important to find an expert who they could rely on to execute with accuracy.

Bullpen’s Value

WHSE Partners used Bullpen to find an excel savvy analyst to help mine their operating data and create a workable proforma to identify their acquisition strategy.  The team posted a job on Bullpen with a description of their project and quickly received interest from qualified applicants. They decided to go with Zaher, a nearby analyst with extensive experience in SoCal and a personal Argus license.


The initial project went great with Zaher, and WHSE Partners found it easy to continue sending him work. From initial underwriting through diligence, Zaher continues to support WHSE as the analyst asset their team needs.

Erin Volpp


“Our initial project with Zaher went great, so we’ve continued to use him as our development analyst. It’s easy to forward him work for a quick and effective turnaround.”

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