Case Study: Round Hill Capital

Round Hill Capital is a global real estate investor, developer and asset manager with over 100,000 residential units and 326,000 square feet of industrial space under management. Round Hill Capital’s team contacted Bullpen while looking for ways to be more nimble and flexible with resourcing needs across the firm.

Bullpen’s Value

Round Hill Capital’s first Bullpen expert worked on their US acquisitions team. This initial engagement was a success, and Round Hill Capital’s leadership shared the approach throughout the organization. Since then, Bullpen professionals have continued to work with Round Hill Capital’s acquisitions group as well as their capital markets and corporate strategy teams in the US and Europe.


The experts Bullpen brought to Round Hill Capital had a range of skill sets: M&A modeling, pitch book development, asset management, corporate business plans, and experience working on dedicated investment funds. Working with these professionals allowed Round Hill Capital to staff their projects sustainably, allowing for busy periods and quiet periods alike with no compromise in quality.

Valters Tone

Head of Talent

“Our first team to engage a Bullpen expert was happy with the outcome and results they received. After that, they shared their experience with others in the company. From there, our work with Bullpen just grew.”

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