Case Study: Oliver Properties

Oliver Properties engaged Bullpen to provide a pair of expert commercial real estate freelancers. A rapidly growing investment firm, Oliver Properties was scaling its multifamily and mixed-use investment business while also expanding into retail property investment. As it grew, the company needed additional underwriting and investor relations expertise, including someone with the ability to improve and streamline the firm's use of Juniper Square.

Bullpen’s Value

Although rapidly growing, Oliver Properties didn't have the deal flow or budget to justify two new full-time hires. Upon engaging Bullpen, Oliver Properties was quickly paired with two fully vetted part-time expert freelancers who provided the investor relations and underwriting horsepower the firm needed.


Oliver Properties' new investor relations freelancer helped manage fundraising through closing for a 104-unit multifamily & retail property. The freelancer also provided guidance and best practices in Juniper Square as Oliver Properties onboarded its investors onto the digital platform, formalizing its pitches and documentation. Oliver Properties' second freelancer, an underwriter, supported the firm's expansion into retail property by developing a comprehensive deal model incorporating lease analysis and capital structuring considerations.

Alex Oliver


“Our Bullpen investor relations freelancer is a fantastic asset, helping us close a deal and moving us up to scale with Juniper Square. Our underwriter is in the weeds looking at OMs, and then digesting everything down into a full, high-quality underwriting package.”

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