Case Study: Lee & Associates, Cincinnati

From time to time, John and his team at Lee & Associates need an expert development analyst to underwrite their projects. The problem is that hiring a top caliber, full-time analyst is more than they need. They don’t have enough work, and the fully loaded cost of a skilled analyst could be as high as $200k!

Bullpen’s Value

John used Bullpen to quickly find analysts to support his business. He hired two analysts: Rachel who supports his everyday brokerage needs and Sean who supports his big development projects. The flexibility afforded by hiring through Bullpen gave John the ability to try out multiple analysts without committing to them until he was comfortable with their skills.


John loves his Bullpen analysts – so much that he puts them on the phone with his clients. Both of John’s analysts have made real-time adjustments to financial models that have both impressed clients and helped close deals. The skills acquired through hiring on Bullpen allow John to compete with bigger competitors in the market like CBRE and JLL.

PS – John calls Sean his 175mm Howitzer … the big gun he pulls in on his toughest deals.

John Rickert


“Sean has been particularly good at helping us work through the development underwriting and waterfall structure with our partners. I have been extremely comfortable with putting Bullpen analysts in front of my clients.”

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