Case Study: Keller Williams Commercial

Colton Tapp is a Keller Williams realtor and real estate developer from Dallas, TX. Recently, Colton needed help analyzing various partnership structures and financing options for a multifamily development. He needed to find the sweet spot for him and his investors – a perfect balance between risk and return. Colton considered speaking with a fee developer or real attorney to structure the financials but decided to give Bullpen a try after a recommendation from a friend.

Bullpen’s Value

Bullpen helped Colton find and hire an analyst who had direct experience underwriting complex partnership waterfalls and loan alternatives. Furthermore, the platform allowed him to create a small, focused job posting to source a variety of candidates.  Bullpen was also very cost-effective when compared to the cost of spending hours in meetings with his attorney.


The freelancer Colton hired for his project asked for 3 days to get the work done. She finished on time with a very thorough analysis and followed up on his questions promptly. Colton received exactly what he needed to move forward with his development. Whether seeking information on material costs, financial engineering, or confirming his research with a third party analysis, Colton anticipates using Bullpen for all of his future deals.

Colton Tapp


"Whether seeking information on material costs, financial engineering or confirming my own research with third party analysis, I anticipate using Bullpen for all of my future deals."

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