Case Study: Robert Ventures

Robert Ventures is an alternative investment manager, investing in various types of commercial real estate. The company was presented an opportunity to make an RV park investment in a familiar market but lacked expertise in the asset class. In order to make a confident investment decision, the company needed to an expert’s opinion.

Bullpen’s Value

Robert Ventures used Bullpen to source multiple RV Park experts who could provide an opinion on their investment opportunity. The company leveraged Bullpen’s freelancer profiles to quickly narrow down the candidates based on qualifications and expertise. Robert Ventures found and hired the right expert on a flexible, hourly contract. The analyst engaged by the firm had experience from a very large firm.


Bullpen saved the company considerable time and money compared to engaging a traditional consulting firm. The Bullpen consultant had impressive work experience from a very large firm and used his training to quickly create a proforma for the acquisition. In addition, the consultant was provided an educated, unbias opinion of the deal that gave Robert Ventures confidence in their investment decision.

Joe Robert


“Our Bullpen consultants provided a third party opinion on an RV Park deal that gave us confidence in our investment decision.”

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