Case Study: Farris Capital Group

Farris Capital Group is a boutique development company located in Grapevine, TX. Matt and the team needed an experienced analyst to help them create a hotel conversion underwriting model. The firm wasn’t interested in hiring a full-time analyst but needed a person that could do the job right. Outsourcing the job to a consulting firm was an option, but consultants are expensive, and few of them specialized in hotel-to-multifamily conversions.

Bullpen’s Value

Matt brought the project to Bullpen, where he created an account and posted the job to Bullpen’s network of freelancers. Matt received applications from experienced analysts with the exact skills he needed. It was important to Matt that the analyst he engaged was out-of-market to minimize potential conflicts of interest. He chose to hire Jordan, an experienced analyst based in Chicago, IL. Jordan completed the financial modeling and creating a slide deck that described the hotel conversion.


Matt and his team enjoyed working with Jordan so much that he became an on-going resource for the business, supporting Farris Capital Group on numerous projects. However, the story doesn’t end there. Matt recently had a need for a local resource and used Bullpen to find Michael, an experienced multifamily analyst located in Dallas, TX.

Matt Farris


“Until you work with someone, you don’t know what they can do. Bullpen gave us a handful of great analyst candidates for one of our development projects. We hired Jordan and liked him so much that he became an on-going part of our team.”

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